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2015 MEMS Topics

  • 10 Dec 2015 1:43 PM
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    Thoughts on the topics below? Let us know by replying.

    Medical Equipment Management Solutions (MEMS)

    The following issues shall be pursued by the MEMS Forum in 2015.

    • Operator Error & Physical Abuse of Medical Devices
      • Description:
        • The majority of work orders that Biomedical Engineers in hospital receive are a result of operator error or physical abuse. These issues add up to major costs for a hospital, when all that’s necessary to “fix” the device is to give it a restart, or ensure all device wires are connected properly.
      • Initial Approach:
        • Developing an experiment to look into how a simple change can have impact. The research study would use control groups of medical devices in various different hospitals, changing the beginning of the day check-up for every other device.
        • The first step will be to identify a set of devices the study could be run on, and develop a range of parameters to run a pilot experiment. We will have Dr. Kingshuk Sinha, Department Chair of Supply Chains and Operations in the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota, helping us design and conduct the experiment.
    • Disinfectant Cleaners Eroding Medical Device Parts
      • Description:
        • The disinfectants used to sterilize medical devices often cause damage that result in the device becoming unusable.
      • Initial Approach:
        • Research current standards around the issue. Figure out how standards can be developed that ensure disinfectants meet infection control procedures and don’t cause device degradation in the long run. This will necessitate contacting Infection Control in various hospitals, and involving them in the problem solving process.
    • Documentation of Un-Owned Medical Equipment in a Hospital 
      • Description:
        • Unowned equipment coming into the hospital (e.g. loaner and demo equipment) need to be documented and the safety of the device needs to be ensured.
      • Initial Approach:
        • Develop a standard procedure to manage unowned equipment as they are received by a medical organization ensuring both the safety and tracking of the device while it is in hospital use. Part of the issue that needs to be resolved is communication between Biomedical Engineering Departments in a hospital with United Hospital Services (UHS), since usually these loaner or demo equipment is managed by UHS.
    • Standardizing the Documentation of Medical Technology
      • Description:
        • There needs to be standard documentation procedures across hospitals in the way that they input data into their databases so that they can be analyzed easily for future research and learning.
      • Initial Approach:
        • Understand the variety in databases used by different Medical Organizations. Figure out how documentation can be standardized for input into different information fields for these databases. This will require getting analysts and researchers involved in the discussion to figure out what makes data mining easier for them.

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